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Jet City Laser is now offering UID2register Express StationTM - The Smart Solution for your Business

Submit your UID Plate or Tag information automatically to the UID Registry and to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) using a state of the art UID workstation right from your office. Save time and money while you’re at it. Enjoy the convenience of a digital transfer UID metering station and avoid the hassle of submitting by hand on-line. UID2register software keeps a history of UID’s submitted to the UID Registry, so now you can generate reports anytime you need UID Registry information.

Our all-in-one UID2register Express StationT offers built-in UID and WAWF reports, UID verification reports (if you purchase the optional UID verification equipment) and sub assembly build-outs all at the touch of a button. You get exact UID Registry and/or WAWF sub-mission without guesswork.

Increased productivity and reduced costs make the UID2register Express StationT a valuable UID business solution.

Full compliance, reduced expense

UID2register is a UID compliant software package that is aimed at providing government contractors with the tools that they need to become DoD UID compliant without having to buy all of the expensive hardware normally associated with the mandate process. From managing data to scanning UID's and submitting them, UID2register makes the process easy to learn and use.

The usual UID mandated process requires contractors to create UID's, verify them and then scan and submit the UID's along with contract data. One problem with this is that the steps of creating UID's and verifying them can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars for the hardware alone, For many contractors, this price is simply out of their budget range and outsourcing UID Plates or Tags and the creation and verification of UID's to Jet City Laser is a desirable scenario.

UID2register is built upon a pay-as-you-register credit system, where the contractor pays for each UID submitted to the UID Registry. This reduces the initial cost of the UID2register solution. Using UID2register is very simple and intuitive. You simply set up your company and contract information. Once this is accomplished, UID Plates or Tags supplied by Jet City Laser are then scanned into shipments, which can then be submitted to the UID Registry and WAWF. All submissions to the DoD are direct, fully secure and automated.

Benefits of UID2register Express Station

  • Submit exact UID information every time
  • Generate a wide range of reports anytime
  • Never guess again - no wasteful time submitting through a website
  • Get more UID credits anytime - refill your station over the phone 24/7
  • Manage your UID submission costs - track UID expenses . With optional verification equipment you can generate a UID verification certificate

FAQs (Download a PDF Specification Sheet)

How does the UID2register Express Station save me money? Experience shows you can save up to 20% on your UID and WAWF submission costs by eliminating guesswork in front of a computer entering everything by hand that could be prone to error. The UID2register Express StationT system has a built-in auto counter. You only pay for what you register.

Can I send a DD 250 Wide Area Workflow along with my UID submission? Yes.

Can I track my UID submission for multiple accounts? Yes. As a standard feature, the UID2register Express Station has the ability to track up to 10 different Cage Code accounts.

Is the UID2REGISTER Express Station easy to use? Yes. Easy to read menu prompts and convenient buttons keep it simple.

Can I buy the UID verification unit? Yes. Please contact your sales representative for pricing on the Verification equipment

To purchase, contact:

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